What are the benefits of Powershape?

Tailor-made treatment

  • The amount of muscle and fat varies from different body parts
  • Target body areas which are partial obese or lack of muscle

Increase muscle mass +16%

  • Increase both muscle volume and density
  • Enhance muscle tone and contours to alleviate muscle pain

Reduce fat -19%

  • Accelerate the breakdown of fat cells
  • Shrink the subcutaneous fat

30,000 times of muscle contraction

  • Powerful electromagnetic waves
  • Induce muscle contraction
Powershape effects
Arms Arms
Abdomen Abdomen
Front & Back thighs Front & back thighs
Calves Calves
  • Suitable for various body parts
  • Pain-free & No-sweat
  • Safe & No recovery time
  • Visible result after 1 session, results are long-lasting
    upon completion of full treatment programme

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