Are you ready to achieve
hair-free skin?

The Diode Laser System is one of our signature cutting-edge technologies which are US FDA approved and Harvard Dermatological Academe of permanency effect, using hair melanin of hair shaft as a conduit to safely and accurately penetrate the hair follicles and disable the growing.

Generally, 6 sessions are required over the hair growth cycle to achieve 80-90% successful hair reduction permanency rate*. 1 treatment effectively removes 15-20% of hair*.

*The reduction effect may vary depending on skin colour, skin texture, hair colour and thickness.

  • FDA Approved, Safe &
    Virtually Effectiveness
  • Laser Output Calibrated
    to Your Skin Type
  • Undertaken by Qualified Personnel (Laser Therapist or Nurse)
  • Suitable for All Body Parts


  • Wavelength options (800nm, 805nm, 810nm, 1064nm) improve hair follicle disablement without downtime.
  • The exclusive "Selective Photothermolysis" has a stable freezing temperature setting of 4°C to protect the skin and prevent sensation and burns.
  • Treatment is quick, taking about 15 minutes for areas such as the underarm or bikini line.
  • Calf/Thigh 360°
    Calf/Thigh 360°
  • Full leg 360°
    Full leg 360°
  • Knee
  • Calf/Thigh 180°
    Calf/Thigh 180°
  • Toe
  • Instep


  • Back of the hand
    Back of the hand
  • Fingers
  • Full arms
    Full arms
  • Upper arms 180°/360°
    Upper arms 180°
  • Lower arms 180°/360°
    Lower arms 180°
  • Underarm


  • V line
    V Line
  • I line
    I Line
  • O line
    O Line
  • Full bikini
    Full Bikini

Bikini Area

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