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First-hand accounts from satisfied customers

Our treatments and services have helped many women achieve their skin and body goals. These are some of the many success stories of women who tried and recommended Bella Marie France.

Artiste and Model - AliaArtiste and Model - Alia

"Menstrual disorders and menstrual pains are caused by poor blood circulation and lack of energy. BMF's Indiba Cell Re-balancing Meridian Treatment is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment, helps to drain toxins effectively, improve energy and relieve menstrual pain. I had a PiQo4 picosecond treatment, which takes only 15-20 minutes to break up pigment particles, and after which I had a moisturizing and brightening treatment to soothe my skin. For the days after the treatment, my skin looks smoother, more refined and firmed as collagen and elastin production is stimulated in my skin. My pockmarks are removed as well."

Trendy Brand Founder - CamieTrendy Brand Founder - Camie

"One symptom of post-menstrual syndrome is cold hands and feet. I went to BMF for its Indiba Cell Re-balancing Meridian Treatment, a 30-minute treatment, to clear the meridians and relieve menstrual pain and cold hands and feet. With good blood circulation, my face complexion naturally looks better, my body feels balanced inside and out, and my waistline becomes more slender. Health, slimness and beauty are achieved, all at one go! There is a big difference between a lady with and without maintenance. I have sensitive skin, and I recommend the moisturizing facial treatment. My face was full of moisture after the treatment and became more evenly toned, and I do not need to worry about my sensitive skin."

Full-time Hot Mom - RainbowFull-time Hot Mom - Rainbow

"I was prone to getting tired after delivery. The Indiba Cell Re-balancing Meridian Treatment can help hormone secretion and cellular balance, regulate the physique, drain edema and toxins which has helped me not only regain my energy, but also lose weight, reshaped my body, rejuvenate my skin and given me better health.
I have also gone for the PiQo4 picosecond treatment, after which my pigmentation was lightened, my pores were refined, and my skin became translucent. With one machine, I can solve the problems of pigmentation, lack of firmness, skin dullness, open pores, and reduce the appearance of my pockmarks. I am really happy to see myself glowing after giving birth!"

Professional Model - NianaProfessional Model - Niana

"Do you think perfect curves can be attained with regular exercise? There are some parts of the body that cannot be slimmed down even with persistent workouts. BMF's VENUS 4D Deep Fat Reduction and Tightening treatment helps me get rid of my bra bulge. In addition, the effectiveness of lipolysis, detoxification and lymphatic drainage of the treatment is the key to my successful slimming. Another concern that frustrates me is my facial contours were not toned and defined enough. The Venus 4D, which can boost the growth of fibroblasts, is the perfect solution to my problem and has made my face obviously more contoured and lifted in my double chin."

Actress and Model - NatalieActress and Model - Natalie

"I love my job, and but I believe I would do better if I did not always run out of energy and tire so quickly and easily. After going for BMF’s Indiba Cell Re-balancing Meridian Treatment, I have enjoyed better sleep and do not get tired as easily. As I have to stand for long hours at work, and the treatment relieves my back pain too. The most important thing that I love about this treatment is that it is comfortable, safe, and as it eliminates toxins from my body, my skin looks better and my body becomes healthier after each treatment. Who would want to go around with dark circles under their eyes all day long? BMF’s Indiba treatment helps me to diminish the dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes, giving me obvious results in just one treatment."

Yoga Goddess - SandyYoga Goddess - Sandy

"Regular exercise for muscle definition is important, but in fact, it may not remove excess fat deposits in the body. I have chosen Venus 4D Deep Fat Reduction to tone up my figure and reshape my curves.
A healthy complexion expresses vitality. If your skin tone appears dark, dull or uneven, it gives others an impression of a tired and aged person. Venus 4D stimulates fibroblasts to lift and tighten the skin, reversing signs of aging from the inside out. The whole treatment is relaxing and the results are immediate. After the treatment, my face looks so rosy and translucent, as if I have put on makeup and this effect lasts long after the treatment. I firmly believe that - the earlier the maintenance, the sooner the problem is solved."

Beautiful Mom - KammyBeautiful Mom - Kammy

"After giving birth, I developed stretch marks, and the skin on my belly became looser. I went to BMF for its VENUS 4D Deep Fat Reduction Treatment to tighten my belly and reduce my stubborn fat pockets. After the treatment, my belly looked obviously tightened, as the treatment covered several advantages from lymphatic drainage, detoxification and fat removal all at one go!  I also enjoy the Venus 4D treatment for my issue on facial swelling. One treatment session would tone my whole face, refine pores, reduce eyebags and give me a more remarkable V shape with lymphatic drainage. After the treatment, I always look and feel fresher with a perfect complexion that appears as if I have put on makeup."

Jessica HsuanJessica Hsuan

"Why I have been so fond of BMF for such a long time since 2012? Because I know I have made the right choice when I look at the results. The NQ laser has helped me say goodbye to pigmentation that has been troubling me for more than 10 years. I have recently fallen in love with the Fotona 4D, which is painless and quick in showing results.  It is definitely an immediate solution when my face seems wrinkled and saggy! From now on, age is only a number while beauty is eternal."