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Wanna Get A Slimmer Waist?

Venus Waistline Shaper at$688/1+1 session (Original $2,000)

When exercise doesn’t help to remove stubborn fat at tummy, waist or love handles, BMF’s “Snatched Waist Shaper” is the ultimate solution to reshape a slender waist.

This tailor-made solution includes the Venus Legacy Advance Body Shaper which uses the pulse-vibration for deep fat cell reduction, diminishing fat thickness and body reshaping. Simultaneously this treatment will also promote collagen for improving stretch marks, re-sculpting a perfect waist line.


Contours stubborn fat pockets to diminish bulges.
Shapes and tightens skin for a more defined waistline.
Lessens cellulite and improves stretch marks for rejuvenated appearance.
Improves the body's circulatory system, especially for stubborn fat caused by poor blood circulation.
Delivers immediate results with comfortable process.

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$688 For

Venus Legacy
Advance Body Shaper
Customised Waistline
Shaping Treatment

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