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Miracle Laser x
Stem Cell Treatment

NQ Laser x4+
PDRN/Stem Cell Infusion x4

$2,888/ 4+4

Our skin is susceptible to aging and environmental stressors,
resulting in enlarged pores, dullness, sagginess,
wrinkles and fine lines, and oil / water imbalance.

The Miracle Laser x Stem Cell Treatment addresses these problems by rejuvenating skin cells and restoring the youthful skin from the inside out.

Powerful NQ Laser

Ideal for Asians, the 1064nm Q-switched laser can penetrate the epidermis in a billionth of a second without damaging the skin or causing re-pigmentation.

It can effectively remove spots and wrinkles while stimulating regeneration of collagen to restore the skin’s natural elasticity & suppleness and a flawless complexion.

The Secret to Reversing Aging


Extracted from salmon’s DNA, PDRN is a hydrolyticregenerative agent that shares 98% similarity with human DNA. Rich in keratin, PDRN can rapidly penetrate and repair damaged skin tissues.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are rich in high‐affinity proteins that can activate the cells and deliver nutrients directly to the hypodermis for better absorption. As the skin is rehydrated and nourished, its metabolism is boosted, and fine lines are visibly smoothed out, slowing down the aging process effectively.

The NQ laser and PDRN / stem cell infusion will help unclog the pores to facilitate delivery of nutrients evenly.

8 Amazing Results:

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